Ole Schroeder is Founding Partner and responsible for the strategic development of models for new types of green as well as blue sustainable cities, buildings and urban spaces. Ole has a strong grounding in and ballast from international and leading design studios, where he challenges the prevailing conventions, creating dialogue, coherence and intense contrasts in the development of the landscape logics and the city’s pragmatic sides. Ole’s force is to develop complex building, planning and urban locations, facilitating user processes and nuanced issues in the development of the company’s projects.

Ole has for 7 years been employed by BIG and former PLOT. Here Ole facilitated several projects, like The Battery in Copenhagen, Old Hellerup High School og IBA Metrozone in Hamburg, as well as all major planning projects.

Oles graduation project ‘Avedøre Holme – The 3rd Nature’ were selected by architecture magazine FORUM to represent the 20 best graduation projects in the Nordic region. Subsequently, the project’s specific problem area in 2005 were supported by a grant from The Danish Arts Foundation to further the development of tools and strategies focusing on the post-industrial areas in Denmark.

Ole has graduated from the School of Architecture with Cort Ross Dinesen as supervisor. During his studies, Ole worked at MVRDV in Rotterdam on projects like the winning proposal for Bjørvika Barcode in Oslo, Gemini Residences in Copenhagen and urban development strategies for Gronningen.

Active member of the Association for Building, Copenhagen Committee.

[Photo by Hans H Bærholm]