January 23rd 2017 Aalborg council approved the final local planwith additional financial support from Aalborg Municipality for TREDJE NATUR’s suggestion for the block west of the cultural center, Nordkraft. In 2013 property investor Bill Nielsen bought the property at Østerbro 7 from Aalborg Municipality. Now the local plan, with an area of 11.280 sqm, is finally approved, and the process of the renewal as well as demolition and new construction for the block can begin.

The area of the local plan is divided into three construction areas, where there will be built 5.000 sqm residential housing in 5,5 floors on Bill Nielsens land, while the existing buildings will be demolished. The residential area can accommodate 40 apartments distributed in 34 3-room apartments and 6 4-room apartments according to the sketches from Tredje Natur, who has also sketched how the courtyard can be furnished as a green urban oasis.

The building lies in a very attractive area between several doyen cultural buildings, the new architecture college and cultural historical pearls close to the city center and harbour. With its south faced orientation the building has a generous access to direct sunlight, which in connection to the patio can be used for passive solar heating and natural regulation of the apartments climate in terms of green facades.

Mariann Nørgaard, member of the city council for ‘Venstre’ and vice chairman at By- og Landskabsudvalget, expresses her concern for a better connection between ‘The House of Music’ district and Aalborg city centre. Along with this she highlights an illustration in the local plan, which Tredje Natur has developed. The illustration shows how the new building on Nyhavnsgade may come to look like.

– If this illustration becomes the foundation for the new building, then Nyhavnsgade will look great, she says.

FRT 2017.01.26 Courtyard
Besides the apartments there will be able to be established restaurants, hotels, clinics, offices, service, cultural purposes, education, institutions, workshops and smaller shops according to the local plan. The area lies at the end of the pedestrian walkway, Nørregade, and close to Friis Shopping Center, where Magasin is investing 100 million kr. In 7.500 sqm facilities, where the department store will be.

– Personally I think that it’s a great local plan, which creates some great opportunities for developments in the area along with taking the historical values of some of the buildings into great consideration. As something very positive in the local plan I want to highlight the opportunity to connect the entire area with Nordkraft and ‘The House of Music’ together with the pedestrian walkway and the Friis area, said Rose Sloth Hansen, member of the city council for the social democrats and member of By- og Landskabsudvalget.

The local plan states that the building towards Nyhavnsgade will be constructed in a “modern idiom, which has to interact with the new and modern constructions on the harbourfront”. In addition, it has to “live up to the high architectural standard and adapt to the modern architecture in the area”.