Partner Flemming Rafn Thomsen has been invited to lecture at the Master Class “Urban Water Series” in New Orleans on the 8th and 9th of December.

“The Urban Water Series Technical Master Classes” is the first in a series of lectures and workshops that aims to expand both private and public professionals knowledge in order to improve their ability to design, develop, install, and maintain blue-green infrastructure – to create a more vibrant region.

Flemming’s  workshop on Friday – the 9th of December – is named “Man Made Natures – Urban Climate Change Solutions”. Flemming will be talking about empathetic planning – a holistic planning in the face of climate change which will include sharing knowledge based on the work from the projects: Enghaveparken, Climate Neighborhood and Climate Tile.
Flemming will also give a free public lecture – MAN MADE NATURES – Urban Living and Climate Change – on Thursday the 8th of December from 5:30pm-7:00pm. Here he will talk about the ways that humans and nature can thrive together—rather than apart—in a hybrid urban and natural environment called “Third Nature.”

“In an age of rapid climate change, Thomsen believes that cities must lead in developing solutions that can rebalance nature, people, and culture. He proposes a shift from “people-centric” to “planet-centric” thinking that resolves the classic contradictions between urban/nature, transportation/recreation, visible/invisible, theirs/ours, and even problems/solutions. Rather than planning and designing as if cities and nature are at odds with each other, Thomsen says that “Cities and nature must learn from each other, so that people, architecture, and nature can form a thriving symbiosis—affirming and sustaining the life of each.” This “blue-green infrastructure” incorporates stormwater management, climate adaptation, strategies for reducing heat stress, greater biodiversity, urban food production, better air quality, sustainable energy production, clean water and healthy soils—all of which benefit city dwellers, as well.” – From the program

New Orleans master Class
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