A number of acclaimed studios are invited to talk about their work, at the six leading schools of architecture in Europe: Stuttgart, Graz, Milan, Paris, London and Prague. The series of talks goes under the title “Positions on Contemporary Architecture”, here architects and students are invited to attend the Talks, sponsored by the Sto Stiftung.

Founding Partner Flemming Rafn Thomsen will be giving a lecture in the Danish Stars November Talks series at the Czech Technical University in Prague Monday the 14th of November. The focus of Flemming’s lecture will be Man-Made Nature.

Today, there is no place in the World, which is not affected by man. We all now live in the anthropogenic epoch. In less than 200 years, we have changed everything in the biosphere through the way we live. It has had irreversible and severe impacts on nature and the city and climate change present new specific challenges in every city. Mankind has with the ever-expanding cultivation of nature and urbanization become an explosive and fascinating second nature. It is now up to cities to formulate long-term perspectives, in order to reestablish balance between nature, people and culture. The shift from a ‘people centric’ to a ‘planet centric’ perspective in architecture and planning promises a life-affirming and informed everyday life for the users if cities succeed in adapting to this new reality. – Flemming Rafn Thomsen

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