TREDJE NATUR is in the program of the yearly climate conference, CPH Climate solutions 2016

This year the conference will focus on Copenhagen’s climate strategy 2025 and the solutions for 2017-2020. Copenhagen municipality wants to share the initiatives, challenges and opportunities as well as the learn from the  citizens of Copenhagen and other cities.

Flemming is invited to join the panel debate Monday October 3. In relation to the conferences 2. Session, that has the title ‘Climate Adaptation – The Backbone of the City’s Development’. The presentation will give people an insight to how climate adaptation should be the backbone to the city’s development. There will be focus on how to make climate adaptation projects with added value that offers the citizens more green recreational urban spaces.

The panel debate will among other discuss the integration of green solutions in the climate adaptation and the collaboration between municipalities, utility company, business’ and universities.
Program for Climate Adaptation – the Backbone of the City’s Development

To spread knowledge about climate adaptation and strengthening the link to urban nature and the architectural uniqueness of the city.
To create new connection that can be used in future plan and projects.
To support the three main themes in Co-create Copenhagen: A liveable city, a bold city and a responsible city

Organiser: Mikkel de Vries Bækgaard, Climate adaptation TMF
Moderator: Rasmus Rune Nielsen, owner Andel, former Creative Director at Danish Architecture Centre
Participants from Climate adaptation, TMF: Jan Rasmussen, Charlotte Korsgaard, Jeppe Tolstrup, Lykke Leonardsen, Vibeke Plesner

Presentations (45 minutes):
Climate Adaptation as the Backbone of the City’s Development v. Jakob Møller Nielsen, City of Copenhagen (15min)
Hans Tavsens Park/Korsgade v. Eva Christensen, Area Renewal Inner Nørebro , (15 min)
Challenges in Climate adaptation and Partnerships v. Dorthe Hedensted Lund, Senior researcher. Landscape Architecture and Planning. Copenhagen University (15 min)

Panel discussion (25 min):
Ole Adeler, Utility Supply DIrector, Hofor
Jakob Møller Nielsen, Service Area Manager, Byens Udvikling, City of Copenhagen
Enrico Moens, Program Manager Climate Change Adaptation, Sweco
Flemming Rafn Thomsen, partner, Tredje Natur
Dorthe Hedensted Lund, Senior researcher. Landscape Architecture and Planning, Copenhagen University

Themes for panel discussion:
Integration of green solutions in climate adaptation
Collaboration between municipalities, utilities, companies, universities etc.

Read more about CPH Climate Solutions 2016 here